Getting The Right Tenants

We have one of the most thorough referencing process so we can find you the right tenants for your property.

Potential Tenant Pre-checks

All potential tenants are checked before they even get to see the property. Our Pre-check provides you and the agent with the assurance that the potential tenant is serious, financially sound and likely to prove a good tenant. We think of it as a ‘letter of introduction’. It captures all the information that we will need to know about a potential tenant.

While this doesn’t act as a “reference”, it cuts out all of the unsuitable and time-wasting people you inevitably get, so we will only be showing around the best of the best of potential tenants.

Quick Tenant Referencing System

Once an offer is agreed between you, the landlord and tenant, we reference the tenant within 24 hours. At this point we go into the fine detail.

The biggest advantage of our system is the speed of reference. We can do in 24 hours what others do in 14 days.

All this adds up to getting your property let much faster.

Although there is always a risk in renting your property, our process minimises this risk, so you can have peace of mind

Legal and Deposits

All of our legal documents are Tried and tested to protect your property and your rights.

We store all of the deposits in the Tenancy deposit scheme.

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